Wellbeing Coaching

How Wellbeing coaching can benefit you?

By engaging in coaching, a coachee will gain the following benefits:

•Enjoy higher levels of personal wellbeing & resilience
•Have a personal toolkit of wellbeing strategies and practices to feel more energised and successful in life & work.
•Learn how to be ‘positively selfish’ and to create the ‘best’ version of yourself.
•Be able to enjoy a healthy work/life balance and be able to sustain personal resilience in challenging times.
•Know the daily questions to ask to keep your wellbeing a top priority.
•Acquire a repertoire of skills to deal with challenging behaviours in workplace
•Get tools to understand recover from and thrive after Professional burnout
•Find ways to manage acute personal stressors in your life e.g. Caring responsibilities/ Illness/ Relationship issues
•Gain emotional support to Lead through challenging times (e.g. Audit/Inspection processes, Complaint Processes, Critical incidents, Amalgamations, Mediation, Litigation).
•Receive support materials to nurture and nourish your wellbeing moving forward.

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    I aim to get back to you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday)
    but if you require help asap, please use the useful numbers provided

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